Brain Smiles


Founded in 2017, Brain Smiles is a cocktail of corporate branding skills mixed with off-the-chart creative thinking and served in the form of result-oriented strategic products for our clients.

With educational and professional experience in the UK and Denmark, our founders have built a company based on sound principles where work-life-fun balance, professionalism, and respect for work & one another are at the core of it all.


We traveled the world, worked in giant and small companies alike, we assimilated different cultures and studied people’s behaviors in order to understand all the systems that make branding and marketing truly performant. We’ve spent the first years of our professional life learning and selecting the best practices from all over the world and then brought them home, to Romania.

Our agency has since worked with clients from various industries, providing each of them with the right tools to create value through their brand. Focused on highly skilled team members, the people of Brain Smiles are the core of who we are.

- Iulia / Co-Founder & CEO

Brain Smiles


To stand out in the market as the independent branding agency behind thousands of smart, sexy, powerful brands around the globe.

Brain Smiles



safe branding with bold branding across industries


the power of creativity and emotion to produce transformative growth for each of our clients


through educational initiatives the perceived value of professional communication

Forget the form.
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