We heard about cryptocurrency a while ago, when bitcoin was still under 500 USD. Slowly but surely, we got more and more attracted by this virtual coin, its mechanisms and the entire crypto world behind it.

Because we’re not the ones to say no to a challange, we decided to enter e UI design competition together with our friends from CriptoLand where our main task was to build a graphical front-end interface for nOS system, which is a user-friendly that facilitates access to the decentralized internet, applicable on both desktop and mobile.

So our Brain Smiles team used all their creative design skills and imagination to create a clean and modern interface, while CriptoLand showed support  by providing us with their expertise in cryptocurrency.

We were asked to create functional screens and a loading screen animation for the following:



The dashboard contains all the main elements that a user might need for a comprehensive experience with nOS. The user will be able to see a short overview of the transactions (completed and pending) as well as an overview of the available funds in different currencies. (NOS, NEO, GAS is NEP) .

The platform was built around the NOS currency, however we made sure not to neglect the NEO, GAS and NEP currencies.

We also integrated a fully functional and secured browser in the platform which includes functionalities such as a tab, bookmark and history.

We also gave our potential users the option to use a short transfer form for quick, easy and safe coin transfers.

On the left side of the dashboard the users has access to a live chart that shows the price evolution of the selected currency.


We designed the platform so that it allows our users to integrate up to 10 wallets. In the screen presented we showed 5 wallets with the possibility to add a new one. We also gave the user the possibility to expand the overview of each wallet, thus once a wallet is selected the user will be able to see all the transactions that were made on that wallet as well as the market overview on that currency.

On the right side of the wallet screen the user can access a chart that compares two selected currencies with the ability to compare fluctuations for the last month, 3 months, 6 months or even 1 year.

One of the most important elements here is the transfer/ conversion form. The form is intuitive and easy to use even for a first time user. The user is able to select the desired currency and convert it instantly to a different currency, while also having the option to select the expiration time and date for a transfer. In the case of a transfer, the platform will generate a token and a QR code. If the token is confirmed the system will provide a confirmation dialogue box.



The settings section is intended for several purposes, the first of which is to allow the user the possibility to change the general settings of the account – the password, profile photo, nick name, date of birth. Also within this section the user can select a predefined localhost or add and configure a new local host. Within settings, we also gave the option of theme selection mode available in dark theme and light theme, as well as the possibility to turn on desktop notifications. Last but not least, the user can also see the profile completion stage in percentages (%) on the right hand side of the screen.


4.App Discovery

The app discovery section is meant of allow the user the possibility to find new apps. This section is split into apps with free trial, favourite apps, recently added and popular apps, thus providing a complete and comprehensive experience. For quick find of new apps, of course we also integrated a search bar.


5.Confirmation Dialogue

The pop-up confirmation dialogue boxes were created so that the user can confirm or decline a transaction, thus ensuring maximum safety during transactions. The dialogue box also allows the option to save transactions through a short menu placed at the top left side.


6.Log-in Screen


The user is able to log in using Passphrase/WIF/Ledger/Wallet File, however, in case the user does not have a nOS account, we included a sign-up form option. The log-in screen presents also links to facebook/twitter for quick acces to news and updates on the nOS platform.  Language selection between English and Chinese is also available for the user.


7.Splash screen loading Animation

The loading screen animation is a clean, simple, tech-inspired one that will distract the user through clever movement for the time the platform and all of the goodies are being loaded.

We would like to mention that the presented interface does not show the entire user experience flow. The competition aim was to present screens for a specific part of the interface. The design we created is a vectorial one inspired from the cryptocurrency world and personalised to the nOS platform and visual identity. Our main goal was to create an intuitive and visually attractive  experience for the user. The chromatics we used bring a completion to the existing nOS visual identity through new shades of blue and green aimed to capture the essence of the future, of technology and digitalisation.

Thanks again to our friends form CriptoLand for their brainy support.


Cool geeky challenge for us, definitely open for more!!