Yep’n Yo


Yep’n Yo is a sweet and savory pancake shop that needed a strong differentiation in the local food truck market. In order to firmly position Yep’n Yo as THE place in town for a guilty pleasure, we’ve created their brand persona, Ben the Unicorn who became a central element of the communication and marketing strategy we’ve developed for them. To support even further the success of their relaunch, we embarked on a creative process that resulted in a fun launch party concept and an engaging (to say the least 😄) presentation video. The result – a fresh, unique and charming brand whose popularity went off the roof from day one of their relaunch.

  • Communication strategy
  • Verbal identity
  • Integrated marketing communication strategy
  • Launch party concept
  • Video content / script & production coordination
  • Social media channels management & assets

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